Sunday, 22 March 2009

In terms of the sound element of my project, I have been experimenting with different ways of measuring time. I chose water-related intervals, for example, a dripping tap, filling a bottle, or a small glass with water and recording the different sounds they make. Once in the music program, it is interesting to hear the noises in comparison to one another, it is very rhythmic, yet simultaneously "lacking", somehow. I edited the sounds, emphasising their more rhythmic elements and have produced a piece that sounds almost like drums, rather than water. It is purposeful, pushing forwards.

Although the temporal element of my work has very much remained in the aural realms of the project, I do intend to mix and link the physical, narrative side, with the intangible temporal side. I feel using, in some cases, the narrative within the sound pieces I am creating creates this link, however I still want to experiment with expressing passing time in static images. I have tried moving images, books, writing, across a photocopier whilst it copies the images. I liked the images which resulted. They are indicative of the passing of time within a certain temporal boundary. Bearing in mind the subject matter - books, written prose - they are also relevant to the narrational side of my project, implying the passing of time intrinsically linked with the idea of story-telling. There is also a certain element of the images, basic though they are, which encompasses my primary ideas for my project; an unfamiliar, indecipherable narrative contained within a physical (static image) and temporal (the obvious movement of the original image) spaces.

I cut out squares of the images and hung them from my ceiling using cotton. I photographed them in motion, and will attempt to photograph them with someone (me?) entangled within them.

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