Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I think I am interested in the intrinsic link between the narrative (one's own personal "life story", or inner-monologue) and time. I feel that in terms of my assessment this is the direction in which I would like to go.

I am "writing" one long sentence in white string. I like the malleable yet structured quality to it, and feel that if there was enough it could become almost like cobwebs, intensifying the atmosphere of the space it inhabits as a result of it's delicate nature.

Instead of experimenting with video, as I had originally planned, I have chosen to use sound as a way to give the installation some grounding in a temporal sense. Rather than making it static and indefinite, I can use repetition of sound to give it structure in relation to time.

I have also decided to experiment with the concept of time using sound. I want to explore the idea of different measurements of time, as I feel that time is not fixed, it is dependent on sociology, context, psychology, money etc. etc. to all intents and purposes, time is relative. I want to experiment with unusual measurements of time - the time it takes to read a page of a book, the time it takes to type a sentence on a typewriter.

I have already done one "sound piece", as a starting point. I was experimenting with the music program I have and ways to create a tense and uneasy atmosphere using noise. Unfortunately I don't know how to upload it to my blog.

I feel I should also make it clear that I think, particularly in terms of the assessment, that using both video and sound could create confusion, as both media would conflict.

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