Monday, 23 March 2009

I had a chat with John today about my work. As with every tutor I was told to stop worrying so much, but one thing we chatted about was film and sound. I said I thought if I used film and sound separately they would conflict, as they don't match up. I had never considered making a video, as in film and sound together. He then mentioned how different a film is without sound, how important sound is in terms of what you see, and I said that when I watch television on mute, which I do, I often notice more than I would visually than when the sound's on. Along a similar vein, when I want to work, I quite often have a movie playing, but I don't watch it, I like the sound, particularly the voices, just on it's own. I like the idea of thinking of art, which is such a visual medium, in terms of sound, which is why I chose to avoid film, making the sound the focal point of my work, however, I think having conflicting, mismatched sound and video could be quite interesting, and something I should explore rather than just writing it off. Hazel said something similar and I feel that there is a valid point here.

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