Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I have decided a change(ish) of direction would be beneficial. I have been "stuck" for a while now, and feel as if I am forcing ideas almost. I have been reading over my blog, and have decided to start a "new" project, based on ideas such as enclosure/protection/restriction and the personal narrative in contrast to a more encompassing one, which have resurfaced throughout not only this year, but also over the course of my Foundation year.

I want to look at story-telling, and the concept of a book. I am interested in the limitations of a book, both physical and temporal. It is interesting to think of a book in terms of occupying space and time, rather than being restricted by a cover, in the traditional sense. I am interested in process-based practise, the physicality of creating something, however fleeting the creation, or story, may be.

On my foundation course, I wrote secrets into condensation on bus windows and photographed them. At the time, I didn't take the idea any further, but I think filming the short life-span of such a story would be very interesting.

I don't think I am "done" with the eggs yet though, although possibly the idea of mass production, repetition etc. is a little tired. I want to finish my ceramic eggs though, to give that aspect of my work some sort of finality. However, the protection/restriction aspect of eggshells which I have been thinking about still interests me.

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