Friday, 16 January 2009

Hazel's talk on Monday made me think more about the concept of mass production. I thought it was interesting when she talked about having to "mass-produce" objects, and how against the idea she was. When she showed us the result of her mass-production, however, to me each object looked different from the last, they were beautifully crafted and completely individual, yet still very obviously part of a 'set'. It was a very good example of what I am interested in, and I am thinking about trying to do something similar.

On Tuesday I went for my meeting with Joanna Verran. I found the whole experience a little intimidating, and I felt we were at crossed purposes; I wanted to know what was possible, she wanted to know what I wanted to do. However, I have a much better idea of where I should start my research.

I had been feeling a little confused as to what to do with my egg shells I have been meticulously collecting, but after I photographed them, I started to think about their differing shapes and volumes and how I could represent this visually. I decided to fill one half with ink and water and freeze it, and then leave the ice cube on a piece of paper to melt - the theory being that each similar object - the egg half - would produce it's own inky pattern. A series of unique images coming from very similar objects.

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